PERSONAL CARDS "I'll write what you find hard to say"

Lawrence White



Tioni Rose

Time has come for me to say good-bye to the ones I love

Every inch of me wants to give my kids a very big hug

Ready is not the word I would use, in my time to pass

Remember me for my voice and all the many laughs

Youth was in my spirit, and with life, I chose to grasp

A tear I shed for Fatonya, because she has my heart

Now that my boys are men, they can play that part

Needed Keith and Emmanuel’s love, from the start


Joining the ranks of the gifted angels beyond the clouds

A blessing, given from god, and he wants to see me now

Can’t wait for me to sing, and see the look on his face

Knowing I took the escalator up to reach heavenly gates

Sure that you’re hurt, and I’m sorry to leave you in pain

On the hugs that I mentioned before, I wasn’t stating a claim

Now just remember Angela,  guess there’s one that remains