PERSONAL CARDS "I'll write what you find hard to say"

Lawrence White



Thirty's The New...

Free of my twenties, they will no longer be a strain

A bright future I see, in my time that still remains

T-Roc will definitely be there, every step of the way

On our wedding day, we said I Do, in September, 2008

Now I’ve reached this milestone, that makes me glow

Yelling out to anyone that will listen, I’m the BIG 3 Oh

And I’ll test if thirty is the new 20, as the saying goes


Wife of a husband, and the very proud mother of two

It’s Malik & Tiana fault, the times that my stomach grew

Long Island is where I’m from, but now I live in Queens

Living my life, like I’m golden, if you know what I mean?

Inside I will forever be young, no matter what age I am

All of the cameras flash for this Capricorn’s glitz & glam

My life took a turn recently, as everyone already knows

So it’s time to see if 30’s the new 20, like the saying goes