PERSONAL CARDS "I'll write what you find hard to say"

Lawrence White



Retirement Plan

Dependable people come a dime a dozen, and you reached a quarter

Auxiliary Sargent was reached by you in the heat of the summer

Learning what they will do without you, is a big problem for ACS?

People come & people go, but they know the truth, you are the best

Homes that you have purchased, to keep your family very close by

Is DC 37 Union aware that you are someone on who they could rely?

Now you can take time to relax, because you have worked too long

Even strength can take a break from always trying to be strong?


When work comes to an end, there’s always love of family & friends


When Tonia, Sheryl, Sandra, Shacrisha, Fatonya & Aisha show love

In you they see strength, and someone they should be a mirror of

Let Anthony & Terrence be your bodyguards along with Gerald & Gee

Later came grand kids, Craig, Lasaun, Daquan, & Nevin as you can see

It’s Ahkeal, Aviana, Natonia, Tiana, Malik, Tashawn, Lanisha & Latoya

Also there is Eshan, Nyia, Jade, Sarai & Kevin to do anything for ya

Meatballs made by Carol for all those spades and po-ke-no nights

Say hello to your friend Linda, as you board your “Retirement Flight”