PERSONAL CARDS "I'll write what you find hard to say"

Lawrence White



Ndensum Designs

Nowadays we live in the world of the computer screen

Domain names are the new way for your self to be seen

Evolving with times is why I learned how to web design

No invention will be made without a computer in mind

So I enrolled in class, so I can help the world promote

Up late to study so I will become the hero not the goat

Mac’s and PC’s were images I kept as key mental notes

Doesn’t matter what you need to show, I will compile

Every character will marvel, in the web that I will style

So shift your control to my home, for just one escape

In turn, I will insert a page up for one reasonable rate

Go beyond the sketch that you envisioned in your mind

Now your competitors will really see your flashing sign

Stop the presses you have reach “Ndensum Designs”