PERSONAL CARDS "I'll write what you find hard to say"

Lawrence White




Let me bring you a little bit close to me

A moment of your time is all that I need

Walk the same path, but follow my lead

Real feelings that I have is all you’ll see

Every thought I have, I have to put on paper

New idea right now that I’ll write about later

Call me anything you want my words are my weapon

Every time someone hates me, I’ll just let them

All I have to do is keep perfecting my talent

Let every word I write hit them like a mallet

Obstacles are a problem, but I don’t see any in sight

Now here’s a reason to believe the words that I write

Zorro was good with a sword, like me with a pen

Others think I’m conceited, I can’t try to pretend

What else can I do, but except I have a good skill

Having you believe is hard, but I bet that you will

In every fight there has to be a winner and a loser

The winner will be me, and the loser is the paper

Enter the mind of a man who has a master plan

Just Remember the world will be in my hands