PERSONAL CARDS "I'll write what you find hard to say"

Lawrence White



I'm One

Thanks for everyone coming out to share my day

In my heart I really don’t have the words to say

And I know what y'all are thinking, I’m not even two

Now I know that I’m small, but I have feelings too

And truthfully all I’m saying is I’m glad to see you


Let me tell you a story that makes me laugh so much

Everybody spoils me, and all I have to do is fuss

Robots always bending down to pick me up to shake

Each and every time I laugh, I just have to wait

All I know is truthfully; I completely love it every day


Well there are times I’ll do things that make me laugh for sure

I’ll let mommy change my diaper, and then I’ll let out some more

Letting daddy get away with the jokes, is something I can’t take

Loudly screaming out my cries, when he was up late playing spades

I get my brother, it’s so easy, I wonder how long it will truly last?

As the time goes on, I hope that they don’t remember the past?

My whole family is so cool, and I’m glad that they are mine

So let’s celebrate my birthday, and I’ll tell you all in due time