PERSONAL CARDS "I'll write what you find hard to say"

Lawrence White



Believe That

Daydreamed as a child cause of the music in my heart

Journeyed through life, now living one with the art


Cassettes and CD’s, man I grew up on the eight tracks

Hip Hop placed Bronxwood Productions on my back

Uptown in crates is where I kept my records in stacks

Coming up in The Bronx made me feel like I’m a Mack

Kool Chip admitted he’s a slave and didn’t get no flack


Corner of 224th street is where I started spinning at

How I always wished that I would get my turn at bat

I’m Large in my city that’s why I wear so many hats

Let my fingers do the walking when spinning the wax

Let my ears hear some music and I’m talking stat

On the radio I would guess Kiss FM is part of my frat

Unseen listeners somehow give my back a little pat

Time will show that I’m still in effect “Believe That”